THE SET (Supplement + Body Oil + Moisturizer + Free Gift)

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Everything you need to have glowing skin for the beach. 

The Set includes:

  • GLOW Capsules 
    • Take GLOW Capsules twice a day, morning and evening, for one week leading up to sun to exposure to help accelerate color and protective properties.
  • ROUCOU Body Oil 
    • Massage in ROUCOU oil while in sun to nourish skin with vitamins and keep skin intensely hydrated. Make sure to apply a separate SPF before applying oil!

  • Après Sun Lotion
    • Lather on Apres Sun lotion after shower. Key ingredients reduce inflammation and redness caused by sun.

  • South Korean Exfoliating Mitt (Free Gift)
    • Exfoliate with a mild soap before/after tanning to slough off dead skins for a more even and longer lasting tan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sonya E.
Love the SET!

The set made me enjoy the full benefits of Brinzbum. My skin is firm, blemishless, clear color of tanning. I enjoy the set very much.

Maria Y
Love Them

Nice result on tanning, growing hair, and my nails.
Many people comment that I have nice tanning. I noticed that my hair falling out almost stopped. I used having lot of hair falling after I took a shower. Not anymore losing hair, which really surprised me. My nails are growing back without breaking. Great Products!

Teracy Garcia
More than Expected

I have first started to take the Glow Capsule about 6 months ago. The Glow Capsule certainly helps my overall skin health improved a lot with nice tanning, even tone, and firmness. That is why I decided to try the other two products. All of them are exceedingly more than I expected. I love them. If you try, you will see the results.

Love the Set

Price is good. I feel my skin is hydrated all day. I take the Glow Capsule everyday. I use the lotion everyday. I use the oil everyday.
Super good to use the set daily. I love each product.

Sonya E.
More than My Expection!

I like them because I think the set provides the full spectrum of the products for the best results. I just trusted what the seller has described about the set. After I use the set together for this summer, I fell in love with the set!!